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Everyone has the same amount of time,it just depends on how you use it!

— LLoyd Bloom

A society begins to degenerate when people ask 'what will happen?' instead of 'what can I do?'

— Denis de Rougemont

A drug is neither moral nor immoral -- it's a chemical compound. The compound itself is not a menace to society until a human being treats its consumption as a license to act like an asshole.

— Frank Zappa

The only thing I know for sure - they're bad people.

— George w. Bush

Our resources are misspent, our punishments too severe, our sentences too long.. I can accept neither the necessity nor the wisdom of federal mandatory minimum sentences.

— Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want rain without thunder and lightning.

— Frederick Douglass

speed of light, and span of life - are the true scarcities

— George Gilder

Trickle-down economics: We have all the money and piss on you.

— unknown

There's many ways to victimize people. The most insidious is to convince them that they're victims.

— Tom Robbins

If you want a parking spot, buy a house with a driveway.

— j h

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