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the straight dope and the center for cooperative research and f*ck the south tell it like it is. and wikipedia and - the single best source for facts. Speaking of facts, in order to move beyond fossil fuels, we need to switch to sustainable, renewable energy resources. Hemp grows organically, organically.  Hemp provides a multitude of raw materials - food, fuel and fiber from the same crop.



Popups and all that got ya down? Surf the net like it was waaay back in 1996, with the great open-sourced browser and mail client by mozilla. Combine it with the grand-daddy of personal spamkilling proxy servers Proximitron. Do as Nancy says, "Just say NO!" to spam
go green -
museum of retrotechnology and transportation futuristics
3D printer creates real Eschers, Re-cycle that old print cartridge. - good geeky hardware stuff, ipod lounge, makezine.
HTML Codes
Honda ASMIO robot
What does SSIA stand for?
Roll Your Own Safety Sign
the Proxomitron - patron saint of the internet indeed.
powers of 10
slashdot - news for nerds.
ascii star wars
Web Archive - search the web as it once was.
Netcraft - who / what / which OS etc a site is.
Visualroute - a nice GUI to traceroute.
Webopeida - for when you haven't a clue what they're talking about.
Micro machines - doesn't Sandia just about have the best toys in the world?
Got Win2k? Terminal Service Keys - everything DNS. uber geeky.


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The best dam turkey. Period. (thanks GT!)

Raspberry Pi 2 - Kits and Parts